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From Patch To Exploit: CVE-2021-35029

Analysis of a preauth command injection

CYS4 - CVE-2021-37841 - Docker - HiveNightmare

A Docker security issue, incorrect DACL, leads to containers compromise.

CYS4-SensitiveDiscoverer: finding secrets automatically during a PT

A BApp extension that discovers sensitive information inside HTTP messages.

CYS4 & SecureFlag: A new Advanced Practical SOC Training Platform

A new cloud-based learning platform to prepare SOC analysts of the future.

CVE 2021-26814: from path-traversal to hero on Wazuh

Analysis behind the vulnerability CVE 2021-26814, how it was found, exploited and fixed.

Walking through WebSphere, from Patch to Exploit + 0Day

Introduction to perform a Penetration Test against WebSphere.

unSharePoint: automatically assessing Sharepoint websites

Introduction to unSharePoint, a software to automatically assess Sharepoint known vulnerabilities.